Missional Life Groups

Missional Life Groups will typically come together as a family in homes to fellowship, share a meal, study Scripture, and apply the Gospel to their lives in the context of community.  There are 3 identities that we seek to live out in our Missional Groups: (1) Family– because we have been adopted by the Father, (2) Servant– because we follow King Jesus, and (3) Missionary– because we have been empowered and sent by the Holy Spirit into the world to make disciples.

In addition to this, our Missional Life Groups come together weekly on Sunday mornings to worship God, be formed theologically, and be shaped spiritually by the preaching of God’s Word.  We hold the preaching of God’s Word in high esteem.  We believe that the faithful preaching of God’s Word is vital and essential for the church to be strengthened and built up.